Spelt / Chocolat

Sweetened with grain and fruit syrups

Source of fibre

Ingredients: Whole-spelt flour* - Spelt flour* -  Rice syrup* -  Non hydrogenated vegetable oils and fats* (palm)*- Chocolate fantasy drops* 5,7% (Dehydrated corn syrup powder*, Cocoa paste*, Cocoa butter*, Soya lecithin*) - Agave syrup* - Corn syrup* - Apple syrup* - Oat flakes* - Hazelnuts*  -  Cornstarch* - Eggs* - Raising agents (sodium and ammonium bicarbonate) - Cocoa powder* -  Sea salt

* = certified organic

Contains: gluten from spelt, oat, nuts, soya and eggs

Produced in a company also processing wheat and milk

Quantity: 40 g